Army - Delta Battery

2 BN 56 ADA (D/2/56 ADA)

Most of this is copied from my Blogger page so if you think you've read it before you may have!

Welcome Delta Dogs

I thought I would create a page for Delta Battery 2nd BN 56th ADA in honor of all the guys like myself that served there.

As most of you know the Nike Hercules missiles that we used to "love to hate" are no longer in operation and most of the sites have long been covered over in grass. This leaves our memories and pictures all that exist of the "rocket station" where many of us spent part of our misguided youth.

So grab a good German bier if you have one, and take a tour of Delta Battery (or as we lovingly referred to it "the Animal Farm") as it was in our day.

If you have any pictures that you would like to share post a comment here.