I'm so tired of having companies trying to rip people off that I've decided to put some of my product/company complaints on my site.  If this helps anyone or if anyone as something they want to add, please let me know.  Also if there is a better site to post this information to, please let me know that also. 

Dell Customer Support (E6520 Latitude Laptop) bluetooth adapter falls off motherboard during install, cheap connector.

Purchased a Dell E6520 Laptop for around $1,700 which I thought had everything I needed.  Configured online but must have missed the bluetooth option.  Bluetooth an option, really?  I figured it wouldn't be much of a problem so I order a $10 bluetooth module.  Module comes without any documentation, instructions etc. I finale find online documentation that seems to indicate where it goes and how to get there (have to remove the whole back).  

I find the very tiny port/plug that the module fits into and as soon as I touch it it falls off the motherboard.  So after a few choice words I call Dell Support.  I enter the Express Service Code on the back (again really tiny) and wait about 5 minute to get a human.  Before I can tell him my service tag number I get disconnected.  Calling back I get a human again and explain my problem.  After they check with their contact they say that since I was doing the install it can't be considered a manufacturing defect and it's my problem.  So I asked that installing a module that was sold to me by Dell basically voids the warranty and that they don't have to determine if it was a defect or not to which customer support replied something like "yes, that's right".  So now I have a $1,700 laptop without bluetooth because Dell wanted to sell a "marked up" bluetooth module instead of building it into the computer.